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John Lewis Childs School hosts annual Day of Giving

Students at John Lewis Childs School participated in activities to help make a difference in the lives of others during the school’s 11th annual Day of Giving on Dec. 20.

Prior to the event, the students were asked to try and earn $2 by completing chores, such as bringing in the garbage and cleaning up toys. The money was then used to purchase the materials to make the special gift to be donated to those in need. Each grade partnered with another grade to work together during the Day of Giving.

Kindergarten students and sixth graders teamed up to donate books and make toiletry bags for the Ronald McDonald House. First and fifth graders made placements to donate. Second and fourth graders created “Hope” and “Love” bracelets for children at Cohen’s Children’s Hospital. Third and pre-K students made gift bags for the children and families at Ronald McDonald House.