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First Graders Visit Local Firehouse

On Oct. 21, the entire first grade from Floral Park-Bellerose School visited Active Engine Company No. 3 Firehouse.

Chief Brian Hamerman was instrumental in the visit, which started with the classes standing inside the firehouse where the firetruck is parked. Then, they got a chance to visit the ambulance and meet with the EMS workers who told the students what they needed to do when people needed help in emergencies.

During the visit, which culminated Fire Safety Month, first graders saw the truck where the firefighters’ equipment is held, as well as the company’s newest firetruck. The students got a chance to go on all of the emergency vehicles, and they received goody bags that included a water bottle, coloring book and magnets.

The students also got to meet Patricia Luger, the first female captain of Hook & Ladder Company.