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Math Ratios

Sixth graders in Mrs. Foley's math classes thumbnail252229
Sixth graders in Mrs. Foley's math classes thumbnail252230
Sixth graders in Mrs. Foley's math classes thumbnail252231
Sixth graders in Mrs. Foley's math classes thumbnail252232

Sixth graders in Mrs. Foley's math classes have been working on their chapter about ratios. Students completed ratio tables to develop ordered pairs to plot on two coordinate planes. In addition, they needed to create equivalent ratios to design two other grids. Their work is inspired by the artist, Sol LeWitt, whose art included various mathematical concepts.

Date Added: 11/21/2023

Book Fair at JLCS

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John Lewis Childs School students shopped for new books at the Scholastic Book Fair, held from Nov. 14-15. Along with chapter books and picture books, the fair offered themed sections such as “Chills and Thrills,” “Game On,” “Super Real” and “Fearless.” Posters, journals, school supplies and more were also available for purchase.

The book fair was held in conjunction with the school’s PARP (Pick A Reading Partner) event. As part of PARP, students participated in themed days, dressing in pajamas on the day of the book fair.

Date Added: 11/17/2023

Veterans Day

Picture of Poster With Students Names Sign On It thumbnail252021
Picture of Poster In Front of VFW Hall thumbnail252022
In honor of Veterans Day, our entire school signed a flag for our local veterans. The flag is now hanging across the street at the VFW Hall.

Date Added: 11/16/2023

Happy Halloween!

Picture of Staff in Costumes thumbnail251501
Our staff took part in the Halloween festivities and dressed up!

Date Added: 11/3/2023

Unity Day in Style!

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Mrs. Saunders and Mrs. Kline's students are Buddy Classes this year. The fifth graders helped the first graders make Be Kind bracelets on Unity Day.

Date Added: 11/1/2023
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