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Dr. Kathleen Sottile photo

Dr. Kathleen Sottile, Superintendent of Schools
Phone: 516-434-2725


Superintendent's Newsletter - Branching Out

November 1 Edition



Letters and Updates

Gratitude Month

At the Nov. 15 board of education meeting, the following students from the district gave a presentation on what they are thankful for.

FPBS: Sienna Prestia, Carlee McLoughlin, Claire Barry, Sophia Horton, Ashlyn Comerford, Emma Croon and Remy Estupinan.
JLCS: Abby Burleigh, Darsh Patel, Oliveretta Hernandez, Daniel Fitzgerald and Grace Cohn.

You can view the recorded meeting on our website.

students standing on stage

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Superintendent’s Snaps

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