Registration Information


    The Floral Park-Bellerose School District has announced the Pre-Kindergarten registration schedule for the 2021-2022 school year. Children who live in the District and will be four (4) years old on or before December 1, 2021 are eligible to attend this program.


    Pre-K Program 2021-2022

     2021-2022 Online Registration is now open.

     School Admissions

    • A student who is a legal resident of the Floral Park-Bellerose School District is eligible for admission into the Floral Park-Bellerose Schools.
    • A student’s residence is presumed to be the primary residence of his/her parents, legal guardian, or other person in parental control. Only students residing in the district are eligible to attend. Ownership of property in the district does not constitute residency.

     Registration Requirements

     At the time of registration, parents or legal guardians must bring the following:

    1. The enclosed school registration form, language questionnaire, and

                  SREI form completed and signed.

    1. Students’ original birth certificate with raised seal or passport.

                  Out of country birth certificates must be translated into English.

    1. Parent/Guardian valid photo I.D.
    2. Students’ most recent report card.


    1. Residency Information:
    2.    Homeowners: If you own a home, you must submit your deed plus

                a current mortgage statement or tax bill (no copies, please), plus any two (2)

    of the most recent (within 30 days): water bill, LIPA bill, National Grid bill, cable/phone bill or voter registration.        


    1.    Renters: If you are leasing or renting an apartment or home, submit your original lease and District Affidavits A & B attesting to the fact you are a resident of said house or apartment must be completed. All affidavits must be signed and notarized. Your landlord must provide the deed plus current tax bill or mortgage statement to his residence. In addition, you, the renter, must provide two (2) proofs of residency, i.e., current (within 30 days) utility bills, voter registration or any official mail.


    1. Medical
    • The enclosed medical inspection form must be completed by

                           your physician. Your doctor must record the type of immunization

                           with the exact dates of each dose given (month, day, year).

    • Up-to-date immunizations and completed physical inspection

                           form, signed and dated by your doctor, are required on the date of


    • We are required by New York State law to request a Certificate

                           of Dental Health for all new students. A Dental Health Certificate is

                           included with this registration.